Druid Heights, The Neighborhood

In our last blog we introduced our first house. Now let us introduce our neighborhood. Historical Druid Heights is a neighborhood in the Old West Baltimore Historical District. It is located just west of I-83 bordering with affluent neighborhoods such as Reservoir Hill and Bolton Hill. Druid Heights is filled with history and architectural beauty. It has a supportive and highly active Druid Heights Community Development Corporation that takes the lead in revitalizing the neighborhood. They have many programs that help residents of the community, programs for children, adolescents and seniors alike. Major changes that are taking place in the community can be seen in the completion of the Bakers View Street Home Development Project that has brought 87 new town homes to the community and the Gateway Housing Development Project which is targeting boarded properties on the two major roadways, McCulloh Street and Druid Hill Avenue. This development provide new opportunities to potential home buyers who will be able to utilize many of the tax benefits associated with purchasing a home. The Pennsylvania Avenue Main Street Project is making an effort to revitalize the commercial businesses located here. Druid Heights is an active neighborhood on the rise. A community needs to be taken care of in order for a city as a whole to flourish. We can see that Druid Heights is making necessary changes one block at a time.


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